About Me

Hi everybody and welcome to my blog, Cardoza Footprints!

I am an English teacher in Saigon where I write about budget travel, food, and my experiences in southeast Asia.

I started this blog in November of 2015 when I left Springfield, Missouri for an adventure in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was here in Saigon where I first experienced southeast Asia in all its excess: its heavenly food, chaotic streets, beautiful beaches, and unrelenting heat!

After teaching English for about six months and spending almost eight months in Vietnam I left and came home. Next came a healthy dose of soul-searching alongside some career searching. One of those conclusions?

The pull of southeast Asia has been felt by many a traveler and I am no exception.

Though at times challenging and a bit frustrating, the allure of such a multicultural environment in one of the most dynamic parts of the world cannot be ignored.

Update September 2017: I’m back in Ho Chi Minh City!


Why this Blog?

The purpose of this blog is three-fold:

  • To inspire others to travel. More so, to showcase the diversity of the world, but to then also show how we are all just the same.
  • To showcase my love for food, restaurants, cafes, architecture, and historical wonders with both writing and photography.
  • To offer practical advice so others can travel safer, smarter, and longer.

Cardoza Footprints is also for my mom so I can show her all the cool places I’ve been!

I hope you find value and inspiration in my stories. If you like what you see please comment and let me know. If you’re really impressed or want to stay updated, then please subscribe!